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Common Laser Cutting Machine Spindle Lubrication
- Jul 22, 2016 -

Common laser cutting machine spindle lubrication in two ways, similar to the way oil lubrication oil mist lubrication, but is a continuous supply of oil mist lubrication oil mist, and oil lubrication is the oil mist fed regularly quantitative bearing gap, this will not only achieve a mist lubrication, oil mist and avoid too much pollution to the surrounding air. Injection lubrication is with a larger flow of heated oil (each bearing 3 ~ 4l / min) injection to the spindle bearings in order to achieve lubrication and cooling purposes. Here a large injection of oil must flow by forced discharge pump discharge oil instead of natural reflux. While also using a dedicated high-capacity high-precision temperature tank, oil temperature change in control at ± 0.5 ℃.