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Direction Of The Laser Cutting Machine Technology Development
- Jul 22, 2016 -

Laser cutting machine can do the cutting plane, and the edges neat, smooth, suitable for other high-precision sheet metal cutting. Than ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machine and more space-saving gas consumption, photoelectric conversion rate, energy-saving environmental protection, new products, but also one of the world's leading technology products. From a variety of laser cutting machine application point of view, the domestic production of machine performance and other technological level of the overall level of laser cutting machines have made gratifying progress, and gradually catch up with the international advanced level, to meet the needs of users, to further improve the market competitiveness force. CNC plasma cutting some domestic product in many ways has formed its own unique characteristics, to achieve the "automation, versatility and reliability." In some aspects, the technical performance of products even more than foreign products. Improve production efficiency and cutting quality laser cutting machine, reduce production cost and improve the overall level of automation and system stability, improve the system becomes direction of technology development