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Qingyuan Laser Team Project Sanding
- Oct 17, 2018 -

On October 9, 2018, Road Show Master Fu Shouyong was invited to teach the leadership of the company. His incisive analysis, vivid description, rich cases, and unique perspectives won universal praise and enthusiastic response.


At the meeting, General Manager Zeng Junhe explained to the master various kinds of research and development projects and development process of Qingyuan Laser. The project is polished around "What problems have been solved for customers? "" What is the reason why the customer chose us? "," What is the difference with competitors? "And a series of issues began.



The project sanding aims to find project problems, solve problems, and improve the development of Qingyuan Laser Enterprise in the form of one-to-one project sanding optimization.


Until the end of the meeting, everyone's enthusiasm did not diminish until the end. At the end, they came up to pay teachers to ask questions in the company, pay teachers and answer them one by one.


In the face of wonderful content, the time has passed very quickly, and the two days of customized internal training for road shows have ended. Looking back on the contents of these two days has been enlightened and benefited us. In the days to come, it can be translated into its own skills and methods used in work and life. It also hopes that Qingyuan Laser can develop better and better for China's manufacturing industry.