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The Advantage Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Than CO2
- Oct 18, 2016 -


Due to the low efficiency resulting from the generation of CO2 laser, cooling needs are very high, with the consequent increase in energy consumption.

On the contrary, a fiber laser cutting machine consumes much less, since it does not need so much refrigeration, as its generation system is much more efficient. Losses of energy in the generation of laser are much smaller.

As an example, note that a 5 kW of power CO2 laser machine has an approximate consumption of 70 KW, when a 3 kW power fiber laser cutting machine has an approximate consumption of 25 KW.*

* It is considered that a 3 kW fiber machine would be the comparable in its behaviour to one of 5 kW of CO2.

In general we can say that a fiber laser cutting machine consumes 60% less than one of CO2.


The performance of a fiber laser cutting machine with thin thicknesses (up to 5 mm thick) is better and more efficient than a CO2 machine. This is mainly due to the beam wavelength of fiber is 1/10 times of CO2.

From 5 mm. thick, the performance of both lasers is nearly similar.